How do you celebrate Christmas in your country?

Hello everyone!


How are you doing? I hope you are all covered in warm clothes and in good health!

It has really gotten cold lately. Especially if you come back home late at night. Plus I’m a person that gets cold very quick ( ゚Д゚)


Anyway today’s topic will be Christmas. Why? Well, because it is a truly magical time, even if you are not a religious person.
Growing up in the middle of Germany I remember the beautiful days when I was younger. Most people in the West probably celebrate with their families if they can and generally enjoy the last week of thee year.
Of course this time can get pretty crowded if you have to buy stuff, but still, almost everyone seems to be in a festive mood, there are Christmas markets everywhere and if you are lucky you can also enjoy a withe Christmas.


Being here in Japan I really miss the whole December-Christmas-end-of-the-year-feeling. For Japanese people the 24th and the following days are just ordinary working days without snow or any special feelings. For some reason I do not know yet Christmas has become a day for couples instead for the family. I should look up why….


Yes, some people (especially Japanese) will say “But there is illumination and a special Christmas menu!”
Yes, yes of course there is. But just providing a special lightning or seasonal goods to sell at a high price does not make for the Christmas spirit. I’m pretty sure fellow people from countries where Christmas is celebrated can understand. I really can’t adequately put the feeling in words.


Well I have talked enough about how I feel about this time of the year. But how about you?
Where are you from and how is Christmas celebrated in your country? Does the mood of the people around you change? How do you feel yourself?

I find this really interesting, so if you have a moment please come to our front desk and tell me about it 🙂


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